Coloring Outside the Lines

You probably should know that I do not follow directions well. This is not to say that I am incapable of following directions. As a type A person I do love a good set of instructions. No, the “issue" lies in the creative part of my brain. A perfect example is my Reyna shawl by Noora Laivola.

Last week I sat down with this wonderful pattern and some yarn from my stash. I had every intention of following the pattern to the letter. I was going to make this exact item no deviation. This was a simple project to showcase my yarn and had a purpose in this case keep my neck warm in the spring chill. Just like all the how to books say, I sit down with my highlighter and instructions and begin my once over before I cast on.

One skein of fingerweight yarn….hmmmm. We weren’t off to a good start.

Valley Yarn DK dyed by MadelineTosh

You see I had this gorgeous DK from Valley Yarns that I just had to buy because it was so delicious. Warm colors, soft and squishy and dyed by Madeline Tosh…need I say more!

This beauty has been caked up and sitting in various places staring at me. Finally it spoke. It had found it’s soulmate in Reyna. Now who am I to deny true love?

Ok so one modification simply a yarn substitution hardly a change really since no instruction would need to be altered. As I continued to read I kept glancing at the picture and imagining it’s construction. Then the creative side of my brain decided it had had enough. What if I just made it a little less deep what about more mesh what about altering the garter…my creative side is very persuasive.

This is what is so special and amazing about knitting. It embraces those of us who have a persuasive creative side or no willpower (startitis anyone?) with open arms and encouraging words. Designers put out their patterns and expect, even encourage, us knitters to get out there and change it up.Different colors, yarns, even borrowing a section or stitch pattern to add to a completely different item (now I’m thinking matching fingerless mitts) these designers are pleased to allow us to make their patterns our own; to embrace our creative side and color outside those lines.

KnitasticNinja Rav Finished Project Pic

So here’s to not following directions and making your world more you because beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Cheers and happy knitting!

The Knitastic Ninja

Knitastic Ninja

Knitastic Ninja