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I have been knitting for over 20 years and have developed a passion for all things knitting. This is my knitting blog and company website.

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I Resolve to What?

I don't make resolutions. It is something that I am just not good at. Maybe that sounds...silly, but there it is. I hate the pressure. I hate the looming probability, no -- the certainty -- of failure. Alas, this year "resolutions" may be necessary. What happened?! Too many hours last year got away from me. My kids are in… read more

Choose the Extreme

There has been some sort of oversight. No one told me about end of school mayhem. Perhaps someone should have let me know. Not that "time would fly" or "it will be over before you know it"...but someone should have waved a large sign saying "forget doing anything the last few weeks of school other than school activities, homework… read more

Reading Comprehension

comprehension (noun): ability to understand; knowledge gained by comprehending.-merriam-webster dictionary My favorite part of this definition is the second part "knowledge gained by comprehending." This isn't knowing how to do something by memorizing the steps or a formula. This is knowledge THROUGH comprehending; understanding the why behind facts. It means you "get it" you're not just parroting. Remember in… read more

The Pond Looks Lovely Nice to See You Here.

It has been one of those weeks. Yeah you know the ones where it just doesn't end and absolutely nothing is easy. Whenever I feel frustrated or need some "zen" I usually turn to something I'm knitting to cheer me up. But this week I just couldn't get it right. The stitch counts weren't working out like I wanted, increase… read more

A Learning Experience - DFW Fiber Fest 2016 Recap

Do you ever have those days when you feel like you're channeling a frog? Your mind just jumps from one thing to another before all of sudden you're thinking about how much flights would be to travel to New Zealand... Since that seems to be me today we are going to hop through the weekend I had at the DFW… read more